How to Acquire New Customers Without PPC: LinkedIn Strategies for Accountant Services

Step One.

Step Two.

Second connection on LinkedIn
Screenshoot how to choose 2nd Degree Connections
New results in search in LinkedIn
Screenshoot how to find new results in saved searches

Step Three.

Evaboot results
Screenshoot how to download only qualifies leads
evaboot pricing
Evaboot pricing

Step Four.

Waalaxy pricing
Waalaxy pricing

Step Five.

Step Six.

Campaigns in Waalaxy
Screenshoot how to find the right campaign in Waalaxy
  1. Don’t try to cut a deal right away. Start a discussion. Make your point in a few words.
  2. Longer texts should be broken down into shorter, more precise messages. Space between paragraphs might help make your message clearer.
  3. Tell your sales value in one sentence.
  4. Use data or use cases to back up your sayings.

Step Seven.

Reply Mond map
Communication flow example

And that’s it.



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Julia Shareiko-Jensen

Julia Shareiko-Jensen

I write about cold outbound strategies and insights. Co-founded a family-owned agency →